Scotchgard Vinyl Floor Protector


3M today introduced Scotchgard Vinyl Floor Protector, a high-performance floor protector that delivers glossy, durable floors that require less labor to maintain. Scotchgard Vinyl Floor Protector helps reduce labor and material costs associated with traditional acrylic floor finishes by up to 45 percent in the first year, and up to 55 percent per year in subsequent years, resulting in significant return on investment.
The product is ideal for moderate- to high-traffic areas within medical facilities and commercial and education buildings.

Compared to traditional acrylic floor finishes that require four to eight coats on initial application, Scotchgard Vinyl Floor Protector requires only two coats to produce a clean, shiny floor that is less susceptible to scuffs, black marks, stains and scratches than conventional finishes. This product contains nano-sized, inorganic particles that, upon curing, produce a surface that is up to six times more abrasion-resistant than acrylic finishes.

Scotchgard Vinyl Floor Protector lasts for up to one year with minimal maintenance requirements, reducing floor downtime. Following application, the finish dries in 10 to 30 minutes, allowing the area to be functional sooner. The finish resists water, stains and dirt, so finished floors are easily cleaned by dusting and wet mopping or scrubbing, which leaves behind a clean, smooth floor with a beautiful shine. Burnishing is required only once or twice per month depending on traffic levels, as opposed to multiple times per week with traditional acrylic finishes. When it’s time to reapply, no stripping or deep scrubbing is required—the floor can simply be cleaned and recoated.

“With the reduced maintenance requirements of Scotchgard Vinyl Floor Protector, you spend less of your operations budget on labor and floor-finishing chemicals without having to sacrifice clean floors,” said Ed Michels, marketing development manager with 3M Building and Commercial Services Division. “In addition to the cost and labor savings, the product is also environmentally preferable* in its reduction of water and chemical use.”

Scotchgard Vinyl Floor Protector can be used on multiple substrates, including vinyl, vinyl composition, rubber, linoleum and asphalt tile floors. It is convenient to use and easily applied by staff or local certified applicators through the use of a unique backpack applicator, the 3M Easy Shine Applicator. It does not require pouring or mixing chemicals, allowing for a safer application with less mess.

The Scotchgard Vinyl Floor Protector is an addition to the Scotchgard Hard Floor Protection System portfolio. From VCT to concrete, the Scotchgard Hard Floor Protection System delivers significant value and return on investment. This family of products offers innovative solutions for virtually any floor type, soil level, traffic pattern and desired appearance.
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