Screw-Lock Pluggable Terminal Blocks


Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc (ASI) has recently expanded their broad line of pluggable printed circuit board terminal blocks.  The new pluggable terminal blocks provide a screw locking feature similar to that found in many other types of connectors.
The plug, which is available in a wide range of pin spacing from 5mm to 5.08mm and in sizes from 2 to 24 positions, comes equipped with a flange on each end that has a locking screw.  The corresponding pin header which is mounted onto a printed circuit board is equipped with a threaded insert to which the screw from the plug is engaged.   The screw-lock plug and header are ideal for those applications where vibration is a concern or where an extra level of security in the wiring connection is desired. 
     The ASI screw-lock plugs and headers are molded with UL94V0 plastic and the plug features a nickel-plated copper metal body and a Phosphor Bronze tin-plated contact to ensure maximum reliability under all conditions. 
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