Seal Master® Inflatable Seals


Seal Master custom-built, fabric-reinforced, molded, elastomeric inflatable seals are used anywhere a positive seal is needed between opposing surfaces. With their close tolerance capability they're used in sealing liquids, weather, temperature, light/dark, pressure/vacuum, radiation, contaminants, RFI and noise.

With their flexibility, these seals are also being employed in productions, testing and laboratory operations as they replace cumbersome mechanical equipment.

The company is also a source for custom rubber specialties, gaskets, packing, diaphragms, covers, couplers, bags and hard-to-find rubber parts.

Customers include many of America's foremost manufacturing companies, the U.S. Government, leading utilities, marine, aerospace, water control, bulk materials, pharmaceutical, food processing, nuclear and computer operations. Designs assistance program offered.
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