Second Generation of S1 Series Insulation Testers


Megger introduces the new family of 5 and 10 kV insulation testers comprised of four models. The four models are very similar, however, a 4 mA higher noise rejection sets the S1-554 and S1-1054 apart from the S1-552 and S1-1052.
S1-552: The base model with 5 preprogrammed test voltages (250, 500, 1000, 2500 and 5000 V); measures to 15 TW on the digital scale. It also has the ability to step up the voltage in 10 V increments from 50 to 1000 V and in 25 V increments beyond 1000 V; includes automatic Polarization Index, Step Voltage, Dielectric Discharge and Dielectric Absorption Ratio tests; includes data storage (32k) and downloading (RS232 or USB).

S1-554 Includes all the capability and features of the S1-552, plus noise and interference rejection extended to 4mA.

S1-1052: Includes all the capability of the S1-552 plus a 10,000 V range and the ability to measure to 35 TW on the digital scale.

S1-1054 Combines the capability of the S1-1052 plus 4mA high noise immunity.
A number of product features include: IP65 case, line and battery powered, 5 mA output for fast charge of the test item, large digital display with analog sweep, backlit display, and inside lid mounted “quick-start” user guide.


• CAT IV 600 V • High output current 5 mA for fast charging of capacitive loads • Testing up to 10 kV • Mains or battery powered • Digital/analogue backlit display • Variable test voltage from 50 to 10000 V • Automatic IR, PI, DAR, SV and DD tests • Measures to 35 TΩ
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