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The adjustable center jaws of DAPRA’s new Allmatic CENTRO Gripp Vise allow a workpiece to be held during the complete machining process – from start to finish – with one unit. The compact design of this high-pressure vise makes it ideal for high-precision machining on both horizontal and vertical 5-axis machining centers. A fully enclosed high-pressure spindle creates a clamping force up to 40kN (8992 lbs) and requires minimal maintenance.  The CENTRO Gripp’s unique clamping style allows access to all 5 sides of the workpiece with one setup. 

The versatility of the CENTRO Gripp’s multiple clamping positions – without the need to retool its jaws – makes clamping unmachined parts such as flame- and saw-cut materials faster and easier. A wide variety of jaws, grip studs and other accessories are available to clamp pre-machined pieces with unique geometries.The jaw width of the CENTRO Gripp vise is 125mm (5”) with clamping ranges from 10mm (0.394”) up to 300mm (11.811”). Large lateral outlets facilitate chip removal and maintenance. Made of cast iron GGG-60, this robust vise includes precision aligning slots and positioning hole on the bottom of the vise, as well as pre-machined holes in the vise shoulders for mounting directly to a table.


  • ideal for high-precision machining
  • allows access to all 5 sides of the workpiece with one setup
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