self-cleaning centrifuge system


A unique, self-cleaning centrifuge system that automatically separates fine particulate from water-based solutions in most metal parts deburring equipment has been developed and is now available from the manufacturer ALMCO KleenTec, Inc.
    The revolutionary system, which can be purchased with new equipment or can be retrofitted to nearly any deburring machine in the field, solves long-standing, costly recycling problems and significantly improves cleaning performance, according to ALMCO KleenTec engineers.  In addition, it produces waste in the form of clay-type material that is environmentally safe and has no special removal or disposal restrictions.
    The new centrifuge is offered in single-stage and dual-stage models -- the SSC-40 and the DSC-40, respectively.  The former handles most small vibratory finishing applications with either plastic or ceramic media.  The latter is required for even higher efficiency cleaning, leaving water almost in its original clear state.

    The SSC model processes up to 40 gallons of incoming liquid per hour.  The filtered
liquid can be sent back to the machine for reuse, depending on the application, or can be sent to drain.  Residue removed from the liquid is automatically discharged to a container for disposal as solid waste.
    The dual-stage DSC model, which incorporates two centrifuge units, is a closed loop system with liquid automatically passing from the first to the second for further cleaning.  It can handle waste material from more than one deburring machine (or machine tool), also processing up to 40 gallons of incoming liquid per hour.
    Both ALMCO KleenTec models are equipped with PLC controls that result in fully automatic cycles.  Because of their automatic nature, worker training and operation of the centrifuges is minimal.
    Both models stand 39 inches wide and 76 inches high.  The single-stage unit is 47 inches long; the double-stage unit is 85 inches long.

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