Self-Clinching Prevailing Torque Locknuts Brochure


The complete line of PEM® self-clinching prevailing torque locknuts for permanent installation in thin metal sheets is profiled in a new free 20-page product bulletin available from PennEngineering®.  This comprehensive product literature (Bulletin LN) covers all PEM self-clinching locknut types, locking-feature styles, material and finish specifications, installation procedures, and performance data.  An easy-to-reference “Locking Nut Selector Guide” further highlights application benefits for each locknut type. PEM self-clinching prevailing torque locknuts provide ideal solutions to prevent threaded mating hardware from loosening in service due to vibration, thermal cycling, or other application-related factors.  Their locking elements effectively “lock” the threads of mating hardware in place by providing sufficient torque to eliminate potential loosening.  PEM locknuts can save time and money compared with alternative chemical locking methods or patches by reducing labor and streamlining production. 

The product family consists of all-metal versions (engineered to generate torque resistance with elliptically squeezed threads, flexing jaws, or purposely deformed threads) and nylon insert types (integrating plastic inserts for the torque resistance). Individual PEM locknut types are designed with particular application benefits in mind.  They can offer high clamp strength, capabilities to adjust for mating hole misalignment (using floating threads) or install closer to the edge of a sheet, or enable lighter weight assemblies (achieved with miniature versions). PEM locknuts are available in steel, stainless steel, or aluminum and in thread sizes from #2-56 and M2.5 through #10-32 and M5.  Depending on type, they demonstrate thread-locking performance equivalent to applicable NASM25027 specifications.

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