Self-Contained Emergency Lighting


FNES LED series of self-contained emergency lighting luminaries are complete with self-test system and rated for hazardous industrial environments.  Appleton FNES luminaires fully leverage LED's remarkable efficiency, minimal environmental footprint, and long and reliable operation even under extreme industrial conditions. They provide the bright lighting that employees need for safe escape during an evacuation.  

The FNES is equipped with six white LEDs that produce 540 lumens for  space lighting applications; for escape route lighting, six white LEDs  produce 55 lumens. When compared to previous generation fluorescent and  incandescent versions of this luminaire, the new FNES delivers an  extended lamp life of 60,000+ hours or six times that of a fluorescent  and more than 60 times that of a 3-watt incandescent.  The FNES LED is designed for installation in areas defined by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) as Zone 2, 21 and 22, typically found in oil refineries, petrochemical plants and pulp and paper facilities. Lighting fixtures in these environments are subjected to harsh chemicals that may damage their operation. To combat these environments, the FNES is built extremely rugged with a corrosion-resistant fiberglass reinforced polyester body with polycarbonate diffuser, and a choice of either zinc-plated steel, gray painted aluminum or 315 stainless steel fixing brackets.  Because of the critical life-safety role that the FNES plays, it is equipped with an built-in automatic self-test system with memorization of tests indicated by LEDs. The lamp will self-check once a week for a duration of 6 seconds, as well as perform a quarterly self-test of one hour.   

There are four (4) standard configurations available: Un-switched, Switched, Addressable and Un-switched, Addressable and Switched. Consult Appleton lighting support group for addressable monitoring software and cold weather applications where temperatures drop below -40°C/40°F.   


  • self-test system
  • six white LEDs
  • self-check

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