Tyco Electronics Corporation has introduced WCD self-laminating label dispensers. WCD label dispensers contain write-on self-laminating labels that can be used in electronics, industrial applications and general-purpose labelling applications where the protective attributes of self-laminating labels are desired. WCD dispensers are pocket sized and contain a roll of pre-cut self-laminating cable markers. Each marker has a white mark able area that is laminated by the clear portion of the label as it is wrapped and secured around a wire or cable. The clear protective portion of the label helps keep chemicals and frequent handling from affecting the marked area of the label. An oil-resistant, aggressive acrylic adhesive backs the labels. Four label lengths are available (152mm, 76.2mm, 47.6mm and 31.8mm) with 40, 90, 150, or 300 labels per roll respectively. The label width is 19mm and the white marking area is scaled to the size of the label. A fine, felt-tip pen is available to inscribe the labels.
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