Self-Powered, Self-Cycling Mechanical Vacuum Lifter


Totally self-contained Mechanical Vacuum Lifter requires no external power or festooning for handling single ferrous and non-ferrous sheets from the top.


This energy-saving lifter generates zero pollution or noise making it an excellent lifter of choice for both indoor and outdoor use. It is designed for handling and feeding single sheets of metal and other rigid non-porous materials from the top and needs no electricity or compressed air because the entire pick-up and release operation is controlled by a hoist.  Lifter doesn’t leave marks on the material (there are no slings or grabs) and eliminates the possibility of CNC data file corruption caused by magnetization.


Lifter provides unrestricted load rotation and comes with standard safety features, including the VLS-08 Slow Vacuum Leakage Sensors and Warning Device, which provides a visual and an audible alarm if a slow leak is detected.


Offered with capacities up to 18,000 lbs., the lifter can be transported from crane-to-crane.



  • totally self-contained
  • no external power or festooning
  • handles and feeds single sheets of metal & other non-porous materials
  • doesn't leave marks on materials
  • slow vacuum leakage sensors
  • capacities up to 18,000 lb
  • can be transported from crane to crane
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