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A new labor-saving, self-regulating heat cable system for virtually any process temperature maintenance and freeze protection application is now available. T-Links Self-Regulating Heating Cables provide a specified amount of heat anywhere along their length in direct response to local temperature or thermodynamic variations to maintain process heating and prevent freezing.
Featuring pre-terminated watertight connectors and modular cable lengths, this heat trace cabling reduces installation and maintenance costs by elim-inating custom cutting, scrap, splicing and in-field connector fabrication.

Available in 5’, 10’, 20’, 50’, 100’ and 200’ standard lengths (custom optional), T-Links Self-Regulating Heating Cables can maintain temperatures up to 150°F and will not burnout if overlapped.  Ideal for high-maintenance applications, users can simply replace sections in minutes without tools.  Offered in 3-, 5-, 8- and 10 watts/ft. in 120- and 240V, these low-energy cables can be stepped up or down and LED lights can be installed anywhere.


  • watertight connectors
  • maintain process heating
  • prevent freezing
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