Self-Sufficient Outdoor Enclosure


TMdrive-Guardian is a self-sufficient enclosure for the TMdrive-MVe2 medium voltage (MV) variable frequency drive (VFD) that eliminates the need to house the drive in a temperature-controlled industrial control building or E-house and has the potential to save companies thousands of dollars and make engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance a breeze.


Cooling has remained a primary concern in the industry since MV air-cooled drives became a staple to accomplish energy savings, soft starting, and speed control for heavy rotating machinery such as pumps, compressors, fans, extruders, blowers, hoists, shredders, and many more applications. TMEIC’s outdoor enclosure solves the thermal management challenge.  


The enclosure further enhances the TMdrive-MVe2, delivering more ease of use and value to operators. Introduced in 2014, the TMdrive-MVe2 supports medium-voltage motors without the need for an output transformer and provides variable reactive power compensation for voltage support and line-side power factor correction. The unique design eliminates the challenges associated with aging variable frequency drive designs, such as low efficiency, fixed input power factor, and high output harmonics. Now, with the custom outdoor enclosure, the drive can be applied outdoors with short lead times and budget friendliness.


Enclosure rating
NEMA Type 3R
Temperature rating
-40° to +50°C
4.16 kV
Approximate Motor Shaft HP
4.16 kV: 536 - 3,040
Rated Output Current (A)
69 - 385
Inverter kVA output
4.16 kV: 500 - 2,770
100 - 600
Installation site
Outdoor, nonexplosive
Wind Speed
125 MPH
Snow Loading
30 lb/ft²
Enclosure structure
Steel sided and thermally insulated wall and door panels
Power Cable
Back wall entry
Enclosure mounting
Pad, pier or spot footings
Enclosure Base
Enclosure lifting
Forklift and provisions for crane lift



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