Semiconductor Test Platform Offers Expanded Capabilities


TS-960e PXI Express Semiconductor Test System is an integrated test platform that offers comparable system features and capabilities found in proprietary ATE systems.


Available as a bench top system or with an integrated manipulator, the TS-960e takes full advantage of the PXI architecture to achieve a cost-effective and full-featured test solution for device, SoC and SiP test applications. The test system incorporates a high power (60 watts per slot), 21-slot, PXIe chassis and a custom-designed, performance test interface that supports the use of PCB DUT (Device Under Test) boards - a proven and high-performance method for interfacing to the device under test.


Additionally, the receiver interface’s pin blocks are field configurable, allowing users to upgrade the receiver when they modify or upgrade the system for new applications. The configuration of the receiver can support up to 512 digital channels, as well as a range of analog, device power supply (DPS) and RF resources.



  • 21-slot, PXI Express architecture provides high-performance digital, mixed-signal, and RF test capabilities in a compact, single chassis footprint
  • Industry leading digital subsystem offers timing per pin architecture with sub-nanosecond edge placement & 64 time sets for no-compromise digital test capability
  • Available with Keysight Technologies’ comprehensive portfolio of PXIe RF instrumentation for addressing a wide range of RF applications
  • Integrated platform includes ATEasy® test executive / test development software and comprehensive software tools for test development, debug, and file translation
  • Bench top and integrated manipulator configurations
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