SemperGuard™ Industrial Nitrile Gloves


Sempermed®, one of the world’s leading disposable glove suppliers, is pleased to offer SemperGuard™ Industrial Nitrile Powdered and Powder-Free Glove as an alternative to natural rubber latex. SemperGuard Industrial Nitrile Gloves are the ideal solution for individuals who are at risk of becoming sensitive to natural rubber latex. Nitrile gloves are made from a synthetic polymer exhibiting rubber-like characteristics when vulcanized, and SemperGuard Industrial Nitrile Gloves are designed to provide the fit, feel, tensile and tear strengths and other properties of natural rubber latex gloves, without the protein allergens. The micro-rough textured surface enhances tactile sensitivity with increased gripping characteristics, and electrostatic charges are effectively dissipated. And because of their resistance to abrasion, Nitrile gloves slough off fewer particulates, resulting in reduced potential for contamination in critical manufacturing environments. This glove is designed to exceed the needs of modern industry, having a high solvent resistance. This glove complies with FDA 21 CFR Guidelines and Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada Requirements, making it ideal for food, food processing, pharmaceutical and laboratory applications.


• GLOVE COUNT (By Weight) • 100 Gloves/Box (90 Gloves/Box XL) 10 Boxes/Case • THICKNESS* (Single Wall) • Finger: 0.05mm/2.0 mils min. Palm: 0.05mm/2.0 mils min.
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