The inexpensive SENSING-SAF-START® is the easy way to prevent small machines from restarting after a power interruption as required by O.S.H.A. After the power has been restored the SENSING-SAF-START® has the added safety benefit that prevents it from resetting until after the machine switch has been turned "off."
The SENSING-SAF-START® replaces the power cord on small machines like table saws and drill presses, so they will conform to the latest O.S.H.A. safety standards by disconnecting the machine’s power during a power loss and keeping the power to the machine switch "off" after the power is restored. This prevents any accidents which could result from the machine restarting unexpectedly.
SENSING-SAF-STARTS® are available in three 120-volt styles and one 240-volt single phase style. All are Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.® component recognized.


  • three 120-volt styles
  • conform to the latest O.S.H.A. safety standards
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