Sensor Cordsets


Custom M8, M12, and 7/8" sensor cordsets provide OEMs with the ideal cable length and connector type for virtually any application. Options include single-ended and double-ended versions with straight or right-angle connectors. A variety of cable types, colors, and lengths can be used in combination with M8, M12 and 7/8" male and female binder connectors. Labeling, DeviceNet, Ethernet and LED configurations are available. Customer-supplied cables with a sensor, proximity switch, or other product attached on one end can also be used.


Binder custom cordsets are manufactured in the USA to provide faster delivery to North American customers. The minimum order quantity starts at 26 pieces with lead time as short as two weeks, depending on material available and quantities needed.



  • M8, M12 and 7/8” connectors
  • Single and double-ended
  • Private labeling available with custom labels and packaging
  • Molded connectors with IP67 protection when mated
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