Sensors and Encoders


IP69K sensors rated for harsh duty / food and beverage proximity sensor applications.
The food and beverage industry is one of the harshest environments for automation components such as sensors. The presence of high pressure and high temperature water and chemicals are a terrible combination that can penetrate or corrode almost any sensor housing, causing premature failures. The use of proper materials such as 316L stainless steel and FDA approved PMMA and PEEK type plastics make our IP69K sensors compatible with such harsh environments. Our IP69K-rated sensors and harsh duty quick connection cables all meet the stringent demands of the IP69K test standards and have been tested by third parties such as Ecolab and Johnson Diversey to ensure proper chemical compatibility during their use in these harsh environments.


ProSense™ electronic pressure switches and pressure transmitters offer reliable low-cost alternatives to traditional mechanical pressure sensors.

ProSense™ temperature sensors provide accurate and reliable feedback in temperature control and monitoring applications.

AcuAMP™ high performance single phase AC current sensors offer outstanding features, flexibility and durability at incredible prices. Choose from a wide selection of current transducer and current switch models.

AutomationDirect offers a wide variety of light, medium and heavy-duty encoders (transducers). Use these encoders with our PLC high-speed counter modules for accurate position monitoring and control.
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