The new Electroswitch Series 24 Serial Lock-Out Relay (SLOR) is an addressable network device (certified DNP 3.0 protocol) that provides remote trip and reset capability, trip-coil monitoring, IRIG-B sequence-of-events reporting, system battery monitoring, self-diagnostic reporting and two auxiliary monitoring inputs available for customer use.  A manual reset handle provides standard Lock-Out Relay local control.
The SLOR provides value by freeing up RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) points; reducing point-to-point wiring; simplifying load-shedding applications; and minimizing testing, commissioning and training.  The SLOR combines the functions of multiple devices, allowing the elimination of separate equipment such as discrete battery monitors, a local/remote control switch, coil-monitoring lamps and additional reclosing relays.
The SLOR’s standard Smart Nameplate provides a traditional mechanical target indicating trip/reset status as well as replaceable indicator LEDs for trip-coil monitoring, trip signal presence, serial-bus transmit/receive and local/remote status.
The SLOR is rated 30A/600V (continuous) with a circuit-breaker coil making ability of 95A-125VDC.  UL interrupt ratings are 20A-120VAC, 15A-240VAC, 6A-600VAC, 3A-125VDC and 1A-250VDC.  All Series 24 products meet the transient protection standards of IEEE C37.90.1 and IEC 61000-4-4 as well as IEEE C37.90.2, 90.3 and other applicable IEC Standards.  
The SLOR is available in 3, 5 or 8 decks, and each enclosed deck contains 2 N/O and 2 N/C contacts.   Rotor contacts are double-wiping, silver inlay phosphor-bronze.  The rotary and stationary contacts contain silver alloy contact surfaces that provide exceptionally low contact resistance over the life of the product for low level applications.  

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