Serialize Your Data with Line Level Solutions


Pharmaceutical line level serialization solutions enables product manufacturers and contract packers to quickly and easily comply with regulatory requirements for track-and-trace initiatives.


Line level serialization is achieved by integrating a unit level packaging machine with software that assigns unique numbers to these units of sale and manages this data on a line level, along with a printer that marks the codes on the units of sale and a vision system that verifies the codes are compliant. Options to aggregate these serialized units to a case packer and palletizer create child-parent-grandparent relationships. The software tracks all relevant data, managing all the numbers including those associated with products that are rejected, reworked, and reintroduced. These line level systems are designed to easily interface with customers’ site servers and enterprise systems.


Using a thermal inkjet or laser printer to print unique 2D codes and the four lines of alphanumeric text required by U.S. serialization legislation, or other formats required elsewhere, unique codes are marked on each unit of sale. A camera-based vision system then verifies the codes and either allows the product to continue down the line or triggers an automated reject device. An optional tamper evident label applicator and/or checkweigher further help ensure product quality.


These line level serialization solutions can be designed to accommodate virtually every situation. Capable of packaging and serializing at rates of up to 400 per minute, systems can handle a wide range of product sizes and styles with fast, recipe-driven, tool-less changeover.


Turnkey MGS solutions are also available for customers requiring aggregation of the serialized products, now or in the future, into cases and pallets to create child-parent-grandparent relationships. Fully automated aggregation systems use an MGS case packer and robotic palletizer while semi-automated solutions use aggregation stations. Both automated and semi-automated aggregation systems integrate the line level software with print and apply labelers to generate and affix unique labels to cases and pallets and vision systems to verify the validity of the labels.


  • 500 mm long in line length
  • Ideal for lines with limited space: machine with Print and Verify module
  • Ergonomic and accessible for easy machine clearance and management
  • Speeds up to 60 m / min and capacity of up to 400 boxes / min
  • Easy and quick size changeover (no tools needed)
  • A modular concept including printing and verification systems allow easy integration into new or existing packaging lines and combination with equipment from other manufacturers
  • Dimensions of carton boxes: width 35-140 mm, length 60-220 mm, height 15-130 mm
  • User interface for managing all components through 15-in. touch screen
  • Different types of printers and verification systems
  • ERP/MES data transfer
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant
  • Software module for Serialization (line level) – optional
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