Series 1800 Palletizer


Series 1800 palletizers from Haver Filling Systems Inc. are fully automated machines that precisely stack bags made of various materials and filled with dry bulk products to form compact, stable bag stacks. The high-level, end-of-line Haver Filling Systems Series 1800 machines, manufactured by Newtec Bag Palletizing, are used primarily for handling bags filled with food and pet food products, building materials and chemical compounds. They handle 11- to 110-pound bags and are suitable for medium throughputs at rates of 1,500-2,000 bags per hour, depending on the material, type of bag and automated options.

The machines quickly and efficiently handle paper, polyethylene and polypropylene valve and open mouth bags, as well as form fill seal bags. The Haver Filling Systems 1800 Series palletizers feature fully automatic pallet in-feed systems and offer step-by-step layer preparation. A turning flap powered by a brushless motor directs the bags in the proper directions based on the desired pattern. An HMI(Human Machine Interface) provides for intuitive operation. It enables the operator to undertake a product change with just a few settings, or to switch over to maintenance mode.

In addition, Haver Filling Systems specialists are able to provide remote maintenance and continuous support through a VPN connection, which reduces maintenance time and leads to cost savings. Depending on customer needs, the product flow after packaging goes through several efficiency- and quality-enhancing stations, such as check weighers, gluing systems, pallet presses, bag flatteners and bag rejecters. Bag rejection separates overweight and underweight bags, as well as those containing metal, to ensure the final product is of the highest quality. In addition, operators can apply fully automatic slip-sheets to the pallets or to each layer to provide additional stability. In a subsequent process, they can wrap and shrink weather-protective and stability-enhancing films around the pallets. At that point, the customer can load the bags or send them to a palletizing system, which produces a package unit suitable for transport and storage. The bags go through a pressing belt that removes excess air, and a turning clamp places them in the desired position to form an optimum layer pattern. Air-removal rollers press out the excess air and compact the product for perfect palletizing.


  • precisely stacks bags
  • ates of 1,500-2,000 bags per hour

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