Series 4055 Color Sensors for color control as well as color sorting processes


The new Contrinex Series 4055 color sensors are ideal for color control as well as for use in color sorting processes. The devices feature 3 teachable color channels with independent 200 mA outputs, which allow for three color tones to be programmed.
In addition, the teach process offers a choice of 5 different tolerance levels. While small tolerances allow for minimal color differences to be recognized without fail, larger tolerances permit a certain color variation.
Due to the unique optics of the Contrinex color sensor, color detection within the operating range of 30 ... 40 mm is virtually independent of target distance.
Benefits of these Contrinex color sensors include:
•    Detection virtually independent of target distance
•    5 switching tolerance levels: various, even minimal, color differences can be recognized or ignored
•    3 teachable color channels with independent outputs
•    High switching frequency: up to ?4 kHz
•    10-bit precision of R, G and B signals
•    Adjustable pulse delay and stretching
•    Small standard housing size (40 x 50 x 15 mm) with adjustable connector
•    Insulation class II
•    Available in NPN and PNP versions

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