Series 686B USB Programmable Smart Vibration Switch


The IMI Sensors division of PCB Piezotronics (PCB®) has released Series 686B USB Programmable Smart Vibration Switch, designed for 24/7 continuous monitoring and protection of cooling towers, fin fans, pumps, HVAC systems, and other critical machinery.

Series 686B offers a smart alternative to unreliable mechanical switch technology. This electronic switch has much better accuracy and reliability than traditional mechanical switches, and is easily installed in place of existing mechanical switches, since it only requires two wires – and can replace legacy switches without the need for additional cable runs. Series 686B also offers a remote reset capability and USB programmable delays to avoid false trips. This universally powered unit is hermetically sealed for use in the harshest of environments, mounts with a single stud like a sensor, and is available for use in hazardous areas.


• Power Required 24 to 240 V DC/V AC 50 to 60 Hz • Maximum Current (relay closed) 500 mA • Leak Current (relay open) 1 mA • Sensor Type Piezoelectric Accelerometer • Alarm Threshold Level 0.25 to 5.0 in/sec pk • Alarm Threshold Hysteresis 3, 6, or 10% • MAVTTM Enabled/Disabled • Relay Contacts Normally Open or Normally Closed • Relay Latching Latching or Non-Latching • Power On Delay 3 or 20 seconds • Startup Delay Status Enabled/Disabled • Startup Delay 1-60 sec or 1-30 min • Operational (alarm) Delay 1 to 60 seconds • Alarm Threshold During Startup x2, x4, x8, Blocked • Residual Vibration Level • (Below this level the machine is assumed not operating.) Dependent or Independent of alarm threshold • Dependent Set as % of alarm threshold level in a rage of 1 to • Frequency Range 180 to 60k cpm • Temperature Range -40 to +185° F • Storage Temperature Range -40 to +257° F • Size (Hex x Height) 1.25 in x 2.6 in Weigh-5.4
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