Series NRX Low Voltage Power Circuit Breaker


Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation today announced it is introducing the Series NRXTM low voltage power circuit breaker, featuring both a compact size and broad capabilities. Eaton’s Series NRX is specifically designed for applications where space is at a premium and the ability to upgrade electrical systems is critical. The low voltage power circuit breaker provides the capabilities of a power circuit breaker in the compact size of a molded case breaker. It offers the same protection and increased flexibility, at a portion of the size. “It is Eaton’s priority to provide our customers with accurate, reliable and safe protection for electrical systems and personnel,” says Zari Talebi, marketing communications manager. “With the Series NRX, Eaton built a solution that does just that.” A critical part of managing processes, facilities or specific applications is managing the equipment to ensure that it is up and running. The Series NRX is tested to 20,000 mechanical operations and 10,000 electrical operations – significantly higher than select third party standards, including Underwriters Laboratories® (UL) and International Electrotechnical Commission® (IEC), require. As a result, the Series NRX can maintain peak efficiency, while spending less time and money on maintenance. Since the typical use for the Series NRX is in switchgear and switchboards, it is crucial that it can be accessible during gear and board maintenance. The patent-pending, cassette fold-up design allows for the inspection of parts, the adding of accessories or renewal parts without removing the cassette from the switchgear cell. The design of the breaker and cassette enable full use of the breaker handle and cassette rails with a gloved hand, enabling electricians to remain in the appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) protective gear. Additionally, the Series NRX handle’s ergonomic design maximizes functionality and leverage across seven complete strokes, with an average of 21 pounds of force, charging the breaker quickly and easily, and making it easier to cycle when needed during start-up or scheduled maintenance. When building space is at a premium, or when system upgrading requires additional functionality, equipment dimensions can present a challenge. Featuring a small size, reduced weight and broad capabilities, the Series NRX is designed for such challenges. The small size of the Series NRX, coupled with a variety of connection options, allows for the efficient layout of the distribution equipment. Additionally, the one-frame size reduces drawing conversion, structure integration time, and parts inventory for board, gear and machinery applications. The reduced weight of the Series NRX makes it easier to handle during start-up and scheduled inspection. A three-pole drawout breaker that is fully populated weighs less than 55 pounds. The Series NRX is the built for low voltage power distribution applications. Its small size (10” wide x 10.7” deep x 14.2” high) enables distribution equipment in smaller enclosures or allows for higher densities of power circuit breakers in a structure. Multiple cable and bus connection options enable quick and flexible integration. When communications are needed, the Series NRX uses breaker mounted modules for Modbus, Profibus or Eaton’s INCOM. The Series NRX features: UL1066, UL489 and IEC ratings from 800 – 1600 amperes Up to 65 kA short circuit interruption and 42 kA short time withstand ratings Small size allows for easy integration into new and existing structures One frame size reduces drawing conversion, structure integration time and parts inventory Multiple cable and bus connection options enable quick and flexible integration into switchgear and switchboards Breaker charging handle can charge springs in seven strokes using the right or left gloved hand A wider contact gap improves fault interruption and open circuit isolation capabilities to extend contact life Electronic trip unit innovation, including Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System and breaker mounted communication modules Easy to install breaker accessories and shutters for cassettes/cradles


• Height: 14.18 in / 360.2 mm • Width: 10.02 in / 254.5 mm • Depth: 10.69 in / 271.5 mm • Volume: 1519 cu in / .025 cu meters • Weight: 85.2 lbs / 38.65 kg
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