Series PT170 and PT17XX Dual Output Pressure/Temperature Transducers


Stellar Technology’s Series PT170 and PT17XX transducers combine both a pressure sensor and temperature sensor in one compact package for measuring dynamic and static pressures and temperatures. The Series PT170 provides pressure output in millivolts per volt and is designed with proprietary electronics which provide a variety of high level outputs, both analog and digital.  Both the PT170 and PT17XX are entirely all welded stainless steel, and incorporate reliable bonded foil strain gage technology and durable RTD elements. All units are manufactured with shock and vibration protection.

In addition to a wide variety of electrical outputs, the PT170 and PT17XX  pressure/temperature sensors also offer customer-specific process connections and electrical terminations. Temperature probe dimensions are designed specifically for the customer’s applications. A 4-20 mA output version of the Series PT17XX is available where intrinsically safe requirements are specified. The Model PT1714 is the CANbus version of the Series PT17XX.

These dual output pressure/temperature transducers provide significant cost savings where pressure and temperature measurements are concerned. No thermowells are needed, process connections are simplified, sensor inventory is reduced, and reduced wiring make the PT Series a smart choice from process plants to industrial automation and control.

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