Series T56E Vibration-Activated Hour Meter


ENM’s series T56E LCD Vibration Activated Hour Meter. The hour meter features 5-digits with an hour glass icon as a running indicator. Unit have three separate timers, two can be reset There are also two vibration sensitivity settings which the customer can select to suit their application.

This meter can be installed anywhere on equipment with no special wiring connection or power source to operate. There is a double sided tape on the back for mounting on surface along with two side holes for extra wire mounting for more security. The internal battery supplies all the necessary power for the gauge to operate for years of service.


This compact tamper proof meter is 100% water sealed and rated for IP68.

  • No external power required 3 timers (Total hours, Job 1 and Job 2)
  • Resettable job timers
  • 2 vibration sensitivity settings (low and high)
  • Waterproof, IP68
  • Power saving mode to conserve battery life with programmable sleep time
  • Lock function to prevent time usage during transport
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