Servo Actuators


New SKF CASM Series servo actuators introduce ideal electromechanical solutions for applications historically performed by conventional pneumatic cylinders.  Their technology in comparison inherently reduces energy consumption, potential contamination, noise, and maintenance, while eliminating the need for constantly running compressors, hoses, and other components associated with pneumatic cylinders.  Applications include factory automation, packaging machinery, food and beverage equipment, semiconductor processing operations, and others where reliable and precise repetitive motion is required. All three modular models (CASM-32, CASM-40, and CASM-63) have been designed to fit standard industry footprints of pneumatic cylinders and can easily facilitate system conversion.  

Motor adapter kits enable users to connect the motor package of their choice and easily program motor profiles. Among other key features, their sealing system (wiping ring and flat seals) provides IP54S protection and a sintered filter compensates for pressure differences within the linear unit during movement.  Lead screw or ball screw versions can be specified and a variety of mounting configurations are available. CASM servo actuators offer up to 100% duty cycle and allow for continuous non-stop operation. Depending on model, load capacities range from 300 N to 5400 N, stroke lengths range from 50mm to 800mm, and speeds from 60mm/s to 1060 mm/s can be achieved.


  • load capacities range from 300 N to 5400 N
  • stroke lengths range from 50mm to 800mm
  • speeds from 60mm/s to 1060 mm/s 

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