Servo Motor Controller


A new control package from Techno, Inc. call the LP Series Servo Controller System features high speed, low cost continuous 3D motion. It can be used for dispensing, soldering, inspection, automatic screw fastening, pick and place operations or any automation application.

This system is a complete package including PCI card for the PC, power amplifiers and power supply. This eliminates the task of searching for each item and assembling it. Smooth continuous 2D or 3D motion avoids puddling when dispensing fluids or working with solder as well as providing higher throughput. SAC Motion Control software is included for programming basic motion functions. Lines, arcs, I/O, conditional and logical statements can be used to create motion profiles from simple to complex. A library of motion routines is available for software development for OEM applications.

An LP Series Servo Controller System for $4,095.00 includes:
  • PCI motion controller for the PC
  • Power electronics assembled in NEMA 1 enclosure
  • (2) DC Brushed Servo Motors
  • (1) DC Brushed Servo Motor with Brake
  • (3) 10 foot motor and encoder cables
  • SAC Motion Control Software
  • 16 digital input and 8 digital outputs
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