Servo Motor Micro Brakes


Ogura has developed a new line of micro brakes for servo motor applications. These small brakes and motors are primarily used in robotics and medical equipment. Ogura micro holding brakes come in both square and round designs. The newest round design is 10 mm in diameter. The length is as short as 9 mm. Micro brakes can weigh 20g or less allowing for reduced inertia on fast-moving robotic arm applications. Ogura brake coil designs allow for over-excitation, contributing to a small size and low energy consumption, especially useful in battery-powered equipment and/or mobile robots.  All brakes are designed to reliably handle the equivalent torque load of the motor that it pairs with dimensionally. Standard coil voltage is 24, but other design voltages are possible. Also, brakes can come with bare lead wires or can come with customer supplied electrical connectors.

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