Servo System Offers Downtime Savings



The Kinetix 5700 regenerative bus supply provides direct energy savings by regenerating excess energy and putting it back on the facility’s grid or making it available for plantwide use. It also allows plant workers to monitor energy usage over EtherNet/IP, so they can make better energy-related decisions.


In addition to reducing energy costs, the bus supply can help companies achieve consistent machine performance anywhere in the world. It performs common DC bus voltage regulation across the entire voltage input range, which helps protect connected assets from voltage dips and inconsistent power.


The new Kinetix 5700 large frame drive is designed for machines with large axis counts and higher power requirements. An added large-frame inverter extends the power capability up to 112 kW. The drive is available in single- and dual-axis servos with advanced safety capability. The advanced safety features allow workers to put a machine into a safe state, so they can access it and perform maintenance without completely stopping production.


In addition, the large-frame drives include embedded runtime adaptive tuning and load observer technologies, which help reduce the time required for manual adjustments during commissioning.


These additions to the Kinetix portfolio deliver a significantly smaller overall system footprint to reduce cabinet space requirements by up to 70%, and single-cable technology can reduce wiring by up to 60%. The bus supply includes a built-in LC filter, which reduces the need for additional components, installation time and associated costs.


The Kinetix 5700 system offers the largest power range available from Rockwell Automation servo drives – from 1.6kW up to 112 kW.

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