SH Series Key Switch


The versatile SH Series is a high quality switch offering a variety of non-illuminated and illuminated package styles to fit nearly any design requirement. This utility switch features non-illuminated, single and bi-color LED options with a wide variety of cap and actuator options. The SH Series offers design engineers hundreds of options to fulfill their design needs.

Included in the over 25 different cap and actuator options are pre-engraved off-the-shelf process symbols such as lighted “on/off” and arrow directional symbols. The 12mm flat actuator combined with a short 0.5mm travel is ideal for use under a laminated panel – the choices are endless!
Specifications: Electrical rating is 50mA @ 35VDC. Electrical life is 100k cycles. Contact Resistance is <50mW initial. Dielectric Strength is 500Vrms minimum with Insulation Resistance of >100MW minimum. Actuation force is 130 ± 50gF and Actuator Travel is .50 ± .1mm. Operating and Storage Temperature is -40°C to 85°C.
Materials: RoHS Compliant. Cover is Polycarbonate with base of Valox. Contacts and terminals are silver-plated copper alloy.
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