SH/SHR 5500 Stacker


The SH/SHR 5500 Stacker Series offers a fast, efficient way to lift, stack, and move merchandise, even in tight aisles and crowded backrooms.


Crown’s stacker was designed to work where space is limited. Due to its standard electronic power steering and brake override features, the SH/SHR is able to maneuver in aisles as compact as seven feet, while the high-visibility mast, carriage, and redesigned reach mechanism improve load handling and positioning. Only Crown’s SH/SHR 5500 Series stackers include the X10 Handle and electronic power steering. These features give operators precise control with ease while reducing fatigue. The powerful combination means the SH/SHR operator can lift and maneuver loads as heavy as 4,000 lb. using only one hand. 


With its reach mechanism, the SH/SHR 5500 Series has the ability to perform like a counterbalanced lift truck which offers customers a great deal of flexibility. The SH/SHR 5500 Series stacker is designed for intelligent performance and ease of operation.

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