Shaft and Belt Alignment Systems


Easy-Laser XT660 laser shaft alignment system is the next evolution in the award-winning Generation XT platform.  It builds on the ground-breaking cross-platform technology that was launched last year with the XT440 SHAFT system.  You can use your own iOS/Android phone or tablet as a display unit, or purchase the watertight, shockproof rugged XT11 display unit. The Easy-Laser XT Alignment App is free to download, both now and in the future, making it easy to update your tool to the latest features at any time.


The XT660 now offers dot laser measurement technology. You can perform measurements on larger machines and over longer distances.  Advanced measurement capabilities, such as continuous sweep and multi-point are now available. The rugged measuring units with integrated Bluetooth wireless have operating times up to 24 hours.


Easy-Laser XT660 paves the way for new features with the Generation XT platform.  You can export custom PDF alignment reports to a USB flash drive or via Wi-Fi directly to email for documentation of the alignment work.  These new features also apply to the XT440 SHAFT alignment system.


Easy-Laser XT190 BTA digital laser tool for belt drive alignment. It can be used “stand-alone” with its built-in display, as add-on to the XT660 SHAFT system or you can download the free Easy-Laser XT Alignment App for your phone or tablet. Digital readings allow greater precision and make it easier to meet the alignment tolerances. You can follow the adjustment of the machine in real time with an interactive 3D view displayed in the App, making it easy to track live horizontal and vertical positional adjustments on the machine.



  • Advanced capabilities such as continuous sweep and multi-point measurement modes.
  • Alignment data can be stored in the XT application, USB drive or emailed directly as a PDF report including measurement data and color images.
  • Intuitive user interface guides you through the measurement process
  • The training costs are minimized significantly since the App interface and basic functionality is identical across all systems (XT660 / XT440 XT190).
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