Shaker Dust Collectors


United Air Specialists, Inc. (UAS) has launched a new series of shaker dust collection systems used to successfully remove harmful pollutants resulting from common manufacturing processes in both institutional and industrial applications. The new design enhances the performance and versatility of these shaker-style systems to safely and effectively collect airborne pollutants captured at the source; helping ensure the safety of students and employees while achieving OSHA and NFPA regulatory compliance for combustible and explosive dusts. The SDC’s proven performance in removing up to 99% of dust by weight will keep facilities cleaner which improves product quality, reduces maintenance time and ultimately, leads to operational savings. With this product launch, the SDC system provides additional flexibility through a more modular cabinet design which allows for field expandability so customers can add modules and increase the capacity of their system as needed. 

The compact, self-contained design takes up very little floor space and reduces installation costs resulting in a convenient, economical and ideal solution for intermittent processes. The SDC’s cleaning system features a high-frequency, oscillating mechanism which shakes the filter to dislodge the dust cake, eliminating the need for costly or noisy compressed air. Safety options, including sprinkler connections and explosion vents that meet NFPA standards, ensure safe collection of combustible and explosive dusts to protect both workers and facilities. The system has additional configurable options including an integral fan package with a flow control damper to match specific flow and pressure requirements as well as multiple air inlet options including slip collar, flanged or quick-fit connection styles to match installation needs. 


  •  remove harmful pollutants
  • compact, self-contained design
  • high-frequency, oscillating mechanism

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