Shatter-Resistant Halogen A19 Lamps


Shat-R-Shield now offers safety-coated, shatter-resistant halogen A19 lamps in both 29W and 43W as an energy-efficient alternative for phased-out conventional incandescent bulbs. These new lamps comply with legislation set forth by the Department of Energy’s Energy Independence and Security Act, offering the benefit of 25-30% reduced energy consumption and extended long life in comparison to traditional general service lamps. They are direct replacements for their respective wattages, producing equivalent light output. 

These Halogen A19 lamps offer the added protection of Shat-R-Shield’s crystal clear, skin-tight plastic coating, which ensures that virtually all glass and lamp particles are safely contained in the event of accidental breakage. The shatter-resistant coating will withstand temperatures up to 400ºF and is warrantied for the rated life of the lamp. 


  • 29W and 43W
  • crystal clear, skin-tight plastic coating
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