Sheet Metal Design Tools


Professional 3D CAD system offers sheet metal designers and manufacturers simultaneous and synchronized flat, folded, and tabular views. The powerful new design tools will enable CAD users to visualize errors and interferences immediately, consider alternatives, and ultimately reduce scrap and wasted time.


Instead of having to bounce back and forth between separate sheet metal views, Onshape users can deliver faster design iterations and higher quality parts at a glance. Having the flat view available simultaneously with the folded view lets the designer see the manufacturing impact while he or she is still modeling. So if you pick bends in the wrong place, it will show you why the flat pattern won't work or why it is not optimal.


Onshape won’t block geometry creation when causing an incorrect flat view, but will give you an immediate visual warning that there's something wrong and provide the tools to fix it.



  • allows users to create models easier with more flexibility
  • can make corrections without having to start over
  • designers can now build and fabricators can adjust model based on specific tooling
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