Shelf Cart


Creform Corporation has introduced a new shelf cart specifically designed for warehouse use and low-volume picking in storage or manufacturing facilities. The carts feature three shelves to store either one or multiple SKUs depending on inventory quantity and package size. Because the shelves feature a solid surface they can also be used for loose or non-packaged parts and components.  The open shelf design supports good visual inventory management and is intended to be loaded/unloaded from one side.  Additional shelves can also be easily added to the structures.

The cart’s design takes advantage of Creform’s ability to bend its 28mm plastic coated steel pipe. Aesthetically the bent pipe gives the carts a pleasing appearance and economically it reduces costs by using less metal joints and simplifies cart fabrication.  The bent pipe forms the side frames and spans horizontally over the top to hold signage for content identification or hanging items from hooks.  It also makes positioning and moving easier thanks to the accessible gripping surfaces of the curved pipe.  Carts are easily added or removed as inventory needs change.

The shelves as shown are level but can easily be repositioned or angled toward the picking side or replaced by gravity flow conveyors.  Shelves are 1/2 inch HDPE plastic ensuring that nothing falls through, allowing for ease of positioning boxes, durability and cleaning.  When extreme weight is a factor, Creform double pipe can be used, which is 68% stronger than single 28mm pipe.  Creform offers a double pipe or two pieces of standard 28mm pipe can be joined with HJ-11 metal joints to form a double pipe.

The cart’s footprint is 50″ wide x 32″ deep and can hold up to 600 lb.  They  feature four 6″diameter casters, two with locking brakes, for easy positioning or transporting to the point of use as a kitting cart.  The carts can be made stationary by replacing the casters with feet, which are also offered by Creform.

Creform’s wide selection of pipe colors make color coding possible in addition to proper signage for proper identification by department or content.   Higher capacity carts and configurations are possible.  Creform also offers a wide selection of accessories to further customize these carts including hooks, label holders, holsters for picking and scanning guns to name a few.


  • feature three shelves
  • shelves are 1/2 inch HDPE plastic
  • can hold up to 600 lb
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