Shortform Catalog


Standex-Meder Electronics is proud to announce the release of its brand new,  Shortform Catalog for 2014, now available for download.  The all-color catalog’s brand new layout is easy to read and understand, containing dimensions and specifications for each product accompanied by helpful dimensional drawings.Standex-Meder has added its latest offerings to the 2014 catalog, creating a fully comprehensive guide to its innovative products.

For reed switches, six new series have been added to the publication: KSK-1A31, KSK-1A66/3, KSK-1C10, KSK-1B85, KSK-1E85, and KSK-1A33. One new reed relay series (MRX) is now included as well. Two reed sensor series are new to the catalog (MK16-400, MK23-501) in addition to one level sensor series (LS03-S). Also highlighted for the first time this year are four new Optocoupler series (535, 521, 528, 530) and PG20-21 Planar Inductors & Transformers. Standex-Meder’s 2014 shortform catalog has also been expanded to include three brand new sections. The Custom Reed Switches and Custom Reed Relays sections contain information on the many ways these technologies can be customized for specific design requirements. The CAPABILITIES  - Tool Shop, Welding, Stainless Steel section details the fully customized capabilities of Standex Meder’s tool shop.

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