Shrink Chuck Provides High Machining Capacity


The Power Shrink Chuck is the shrink fit chuck for highest machining capacity in high-speed manufacturing. The optimized design combines high rigidity with dampening vibrations, therefore giving more protection to machines, spindles, and tools.


The chuck allows for an increased machining capacity due to a higher spindle speed, a higher feed, and a larger cutting depth. The chuck also provides higher machining accuracy with a shorter processing time. It's universal usage saves the user space in the tool magazine for additional tooling parts. 


This chuck also uses the HAIMER Safe-Lock system as well as the Cool Flash Cooling system allowing users protection from pull out and providing an extra charge. 


With Safe-Lock system, special drive keys in the chuck and grooves in the tool shank prevent the milling cutter from spinning during extreme machining or that it is pulled out of the chuck.


In the Cool Flash system, coolant bores are made in the tool holder with which the coolant is transported up to the face surface of the chuck. There is a pad placed on the face surface of the Cool Flash chuck which leaves a narrow circular gap leading up to the tool.



  • Increased machining capacity due to higher spindle speed, higher feed and larger cutting depth
  • Shorter processing times
  • Higher machining accuracy
  • With threaded holes in order to balance with balancing screws
  • Cool Jet bores that can be sealed included
  • Cooling with Cool Flash for an extra charge
  • Safe-Lock pull out protection included


The ZG130 and oversize versions with slim tips are especially versatile to use.

  • High rigidity
  • Slim at the tip
  • Dampen vibrations
  • High clamping force
  • Equally suited to high-speed manufacturing and heavy milling
  • Universal usage, saves space in tool magazine
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