Shrinkage-Compensated Repair Mortar


MEADOW-CRETE FNP EXTENDED is a one-component, pre-extended, shrinkage-compensated repair mortar for structural repairs and reinstatement of concrete elements. The product can be formed and poured or formed and pumped, utilizing a suitableconcrete pump.

MEADOW-CRETE FNP EXTENDED contains 3/8” nominal size aggregate and is
suitable for applications requiring cathodic protection, impressed systems, or sacrificial anode

MEADOW-CRETE FNP EXTENDED is ideal for reinstatement or repair of beams, columns, and
balcony edges or for partial or full depth horizontal placement. The product is suitable for
industrial, transportation, residential, and civil engineering applications.

MEADOW-CRETE FNP EXTENDED features many features and benefits, including:

•    Can be poured or pumped.
•    Low permeability/Protects embedded reinforcing steel.
•    Suitable for cathodic protection systems.
•    Shrinkage compensated/Added dynamic stability.
•    Highly engineered/Non-segregating.
•    No added slag, chlorides, or microsilica.

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