Shuttle Allows Waterjet Operators to Keep Cutting While Unloading Parts


Designed especially for high-volume applications, Jet Edge Waterjet Shuttle Systems dramatically increase productivity by allowing operators to continue cutting as they unload finished parts.

Manufactured for industrial use, Jet Edge waterjet shuttles are available in a High Rail Gantry format supporting up to 12 cutting heads or a Mid Rail Gantry format supporting up to four cutting heads. To operate the shuttle, the operator simply rolls out the top cutting table like a drawer and continues cutting on the bottom table as parts are unloaded. Powered shuttles are also available.

Jet Edge Waterjet Shuttle Systems are available in a wide range of sizes; an optional spreader bar allows operators to expand the cutting area beyond the waterjet gantry for cutting large sheets. The shuttle systems feature Jet Edge’s signature Aquavision Di controller. The Aquavision Di is the most advanced motion controller in the industry. It guides the user through the process from job set-up to production. Single parts, mirroring, rotation, plate alignment and part arrays (optional) are at the operator’s fingertips. It is fully networkable.



  • hold ±0.001 in. linear positional accuracy (over 12 in.) per axis
  • ±0.001 in. repeatability (bidirectional)
  • 36,000, 60,000, and 75,000-psi models from 30 to 280 hp
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