Side Mounting For Cabinet Coolers


EXAIR's new Side Mount Kits for Cabinet Coolers offer convenient mounting to the side of an electrical enclosure for applications where top mounting is not possible due to limited space or obstructions above the enclosure. The Cabinet Cooler protects sensitive electronics from heat, dirt and moisture while maintaining the NEMA 4/4X rating of the enclosure.

Cabinet Coolers circulate 20°F air throughout the enclosure to prevent high temperature malfunction. Systems include a cold air distribution kit and an automatic drain filter separator to ensure no moisture passes to the inside of the electrical enclosure. The optional thermostat control minimizes compressed air use and keeps the enclosure at ±2ºF of the temperature setting. Cabinet Coolers have no moving parts which assures long life and maintenance free operation.

The Side Mount Kits are suitable for use on large or small electrical enclosures with Cabinet Coolers that have cooling capacities up to 2800 Btu/hr. Applications include programmable controllers, variable frequency drives, industrial computers, motor controls, microprocessors and robotics. Side Mount Kits are $89.
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