Side-Pull Hoist Rings


FEATURES: Side-Pull Hoist Rings are ideal for side mounting. Flip and turn loads without unhooking (use with a spreader bar). Forged alloy-steel ring pivots 180 degrees and swivels 360 degrees simultaneously to allow lifting from any direction. Large, weldless forged ring can accommodate larger lifting hooks. Meets OSHA standards and Military Specifications MIL-STD-209J and MIL-STD-1365(11). Safety factor = 5:1. Made in USA.


SIZES: Available with USA threads in the following load capacities — see Dimensions page for part numbers:

 650 Lbs 5/16-18
 800 Lbs 3/8-16
 1800 Lbs 1/2-13
 2500 Lbs 5/8-11
 4100 Lbs 3/4-10
 7100 Lbs 1"-8
 14000 Lbs 1-1/4"-7 and 1-1/4"-8
 17000 Lbs 1-1/2"-6 and 1-1/2"-8
 29000 Lbs 2"-4-1/2 and 2"-8

Also available with metric threads in the following load capacities:

 880 Lbs M8
 1100 Lbs M10
 1900 Lbs M12
 3500 Lbs M16
 5500 Lbs M20
 7700 Lbs M24
 12000 Lbs M30
 17000 Lbs M36
 24000 Lbs M42
 30000 Lbs M48
 55000 Lbs M64

INSTALLATION: Fasten using the installation torque specified in the dimension table. Always install so that the hoist ring can pivot and swivel freely.

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: See Hoist Ring Safety Precautions at the beginning of this catalog section.

MATERIAL: Alloy steel, magnaflux inspected, black oxide finish. RoHS compliant.

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