Sigma-7 Servo System


Yaskawa’s Sigma-7 line of rotary, linear and direct drive servo motors and amplifiers were introduced to the U.S market in 2016.   System designers and automation end users will benefit from the speed, precision and efficiency improvements in Sigma-7, the most technologically advanced servo systems ever created by the world’s largest manufacturer of drives, motion control, and robotics. 


  • Nearly double the bandwidth of Yaskawa’s industry-leading Sigma-5 servos, for quicker response to system commands
  • 24-bit encoding that boosts precision to a level 16 times higher than the industry standard
  • A 20% smaller footprint, plus a new amplifier design that saves control panel space
  • A new package of algorithms that correct machine imperfections, including ripple compensation, anti-resonance and friction model compensation
  • New dual-axis amplifiers that mount in smaller spaces, cut parts counts and regenerate power for long-term energy conservation
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