Sigma Green Premium Grinding Wheels


A full line of abrasive grinding wheels that come in various grits and sizes, featuring 4-1/2” diameters and many other sizes in-stock for immediate delivery, is now available. Rex-Cut® Sigma Green Premium Grinding Wheels are designed for aggressive grinding applications on stainless steel, mild steel, hard face, titanium, Inconel® and aluminum.  Available in 36, 46, and 60 grits in 4”, 4-1/2”, 5”, and 7” dia. sizes, with 36 grit 3/16” thick and 46 and 60 1/8” thick, they have a zirconia/ceramic grain with a proprietary bonding and wheel design. Capable of cutting up to 50% faster and running 20% cooler than aluminum oxide grinding wheels on 316 stainless steel, Rex-Cut® Sigma Green Premium Grinding Wheels provide smooth, quiet, and controlled grinding action.  

Designed to remove heavy welds fast, they prevent the discoloration and warping of stainless steel and other highly alloyed materials. Rex-Cut® Sigma Green Premium Grinding Wheels are priced from $ 3.99 (list) each, depending upon size and quantity; with most sizes in-stock for immediate delivery.  Samples and price quotations are available on request.


  • various grits and sizes
  • for aggressive grinding applications
  • remove heavy welds fast

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