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Brady  announced today the launch of its new BBP™31 Sign and Label Printer  – an industrial 4” monochrome printer with a notably simple label design process and an extensive list of material options.  “The new BBP™31 Sign and Label Printer is hands down our easiest-to-use desktop printer,” said Matt Luger, senior product marketing manager at Brady. “Anyone can walk up to it for the first time and create a label without any prior training.”
Printer features two-step label printing, with additional capabilities for advanced design

The BBP™31 Sign and Label Printer is equipped with a number of features to help customers create labels quickly and easily. For example, it features an intuitive display and “smart chip” auto-calibration supplies; users can simply type their desired text and hit print – effectively creating a label in as little as two steps. “There’s no need to pick a label size, adjust your fonts or calibrate the printer, that’s all done for you,” said Luger. “The printer automatically knows what supplies you’re using, so all you need to do is type your text and hit print.” According to Luger, the printer offers a full range of advanced editing and design capabilities, including “drag and drop” editing, a database of 200+ symbols, and robust importing options. It prints at three inches per second, and can be used for a wide variety of applications. “Many customers are surprised by how easy this printer is to use,” said Luger. “They hear it has these advanced capabilities and can print from Microsoft Word, and can’t believe that the printer is still so user-friendly.”

The BBP™31 Sign and Label Printer can operate as a stand-alone unit and connected to a PC, depending on the user’s preference. It has a library of pre-made labels that are ready for printing, as well as several design wizards for quickly creating common label types like arc flash labels, chemical labels and pipe markers. Breadth of materials includes specialty tapes, pre-printed signs, raised profile labels
With 13 different material types, the BBP™31 Sign and Label Printer offers the widest variety of material options in its printer class. It can print on materials in 16 different colors ranging in width from ½” to 4”.
Materials options include popular label types like indoor/outdoor vinyl and low-halide polyester, as well as a variety of specialty materials like photoluminescent tape, tag stock, retro-reflective tape, repositionable vinyl and magnetic supply. Pre-printed labels with sign headers are also available with the printer, enabling customers to create multi-color labels needed for ANSI signs, OSHA signs, and Right-to-Know chemical labels.
Another unique material option is the raised profile labels <> , which can be used as a cost-effective substitute for engraved plates. These labels can save facilities up to 80% of the costs of engraved plates.
“Raised profile labels are one of the most exciting material options for this printer,” said Luger. “These labels are actually more durable than engraved legend plates, and customers can make them on-demand with a Brady printer for significantly less than the cost of ordering plates.”


  • industrial 4” monochrome printer
  • two-step label printing
  • has a library of pre-made labels
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