Signum® Supreme series scales


Sartorius is pleased to introduce the new Signum® Supreme series scales offering high overload protection, rugged stainless steel construction, excellent accuracy and outstanding chemical resistance. The Signum® Supreme is a very compact industrial scale that has been specifically designed for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and chemical industries. Best of all, the scale series features a proprietary monolithic weigh cell that delivers resolutions as high as 350,000 d. Outstanding features and options Users can choose from three application levels, a variety of resolutions, and a large selection of interfaces and other options. This adaptability makes Signum® Supreme ideal from simple weighing to more demanding applications, such as: - Checkweighing “Over-under Weighing” - Averaging “Animal Weighing” - Formulation - Piece Counting Key features and benefits include: – Unique “speed-up” technology, the Signum® Supreme is extremely fast - saving the user time and money - IP65 Wash-down protection means the scale is dust tight and protected from penetration by jets of water – Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and maintenance – 660 pound overload protection on all models ensures accuracy in abusive environments – Rugged construction means reliable and repeatable weighing results even under changing ambient conditions – Memory for up to 300 products, with independent ID fields – Optional interfaces including Ethernet, Analog, Profibus-DP and more A winning combination of Ergonomics, Safety and Data Transfer Capabilities The display and control unit can be set-up within minutes – whether next to the weighing platform, on a column, or mounted on the wall. Signum® Supreme scales meet all the requirements for state-of-the-art data transfer, including Ethernet and PLC connectivity. An optional analog/digital converter can be selected for a second weighing platform, such as a reference or bulk weigher scale. Whether the scale has to be washed down regularly, is integrated in a production network, or is frequently moved to different areas in the facility, the new Signum® Supreme series meets all user requirements, without compromising accuracy or reliability.


• Power supply (built-in): 100-240 V AC (-15%/+10%), 50-60 HZ, up to 17w/23VA • Interference: Acc. to EN 61326-1 Class B (IEC 61326-1) • Electrical safety: Acc. to EN 61010-1 (IEC 61010-1) • Material Housing Base Frame: Aluminum die-casting painted with highly resistant industrial paint • Dimensions Load plate: All models have a square load pan: 180x180mm (7.1”x7.1”) • The 0.6kg/1mg version has a round pan: Ø 115 mm (Ø 4.5”) • Interference resistance: Acc. to EN 61326-1, industrial areas (IEC 61326-1) • Net weight: 6.8 kg (15 lbs.) • Humidity: 85% relative (non-condensing) up to 31°C; 50% relative 40° • Ambient temperature: 10°C to +40°C, 50°F to 104°F • Use at a height above sea level: Up to 2,000 m (6,500 ft.); indoors
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