Silbrade® Silicone Hose Handles Pressure Applications and Temperature Extremes


Silbrade silicone hose from NewAge® Industries offers a unique combination of performance properties for fluid transfer applications. Typical uses include chemical feed, bottle filling, deionized water transfer, food handling, beverage service, viscous material handling, laboratory, resin feeds, and adhesive lines. It is also used as protective jacketing. Flexible Silbrade hose is reinforced for higher pressure applications and resistant to temperature variations. Its construction — open mesh polyester braiding incorporated within walls of silicone tubing — enables its use in pressure applications that unreinforced tubing often cannot handle. Silbrade’s construction also allows excellent bend radii and restricted space usage without impeding flow. The hose handles steady or fluctuating temperatures between –80°F and 350°F (–62°C and 176°C). Silicone hose has long been used in the medical field, as it meets that industry’s requirements for non-toxicity. Its other properties make it well suited for industries such as food and beverage, chemical, appliance, computer, and more recently, alternative energy. Silbrade is made from FDA-sanctioned ingredients and is listed by the National Sanitation Foundation for use with food equipment materials (NSF 51). It is odorless, tasteless, unaltered by the effects of weather, and generally exhibits inertness toward U.V., radiation, and ozone. Silbrade is a peroxide-cured product manufactured in a controlled environment for cleanliness. The hose is stocked in nine sizes from 1/8” through 1” I.D.; other sizes are available through custom order. Additional customization includes cut-to-length pieces, colors, and hardnesses. Medical-grade Silbrade is stocked, as well as unreinforced silicone tubing and silicone suction hose. A platinum-cured version is available through NewAge’s AdvantaPure® products division.
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