Silicone-Coated Glass Globes


Shat-R-Shield recently added silicone-coated glass globes to its line of safety lighting products.  The unique silicone formula contains patented components that guarantee non-yellowing optical clarity for the life of the product.

“Silicone traditionally performed quite well as a safety coating material but with lumen output constraints,” said Anita Yost, SRS sales and marketing business manager.  “Our new silicone formula offers customers the safety protection they require plus crystal clarity for brighter and more efficient light in the workplace.”

In addition to transparency over standard silicone-coated products, the new silicone formula offers additional benefits.  The safety-coated glass will resist thermal shock from contact with elements such as hot grease, welding spatters, rain or snow.  The Shat-R-Shield silicone coating will easily withstand the constant heat emitted from a 100-watt incandescent lamp and is guaranteed not to yellow, crack, or flake.  Use Shat-R-Shield silicone-coated glass globes with confidence at entrance/exit doors, docking areas, in food prep areas, food storage areas, and walk-in refrigerators.   

Shat-R-Shield lighting products meet safety regulations in the US, Canada, and Mexico -- including FDA, OSHA, ASME, and CFIA.


  • non-yellowing optical clarity
  • will resist thermal shock
  • silicone-coated
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