Silicone Insert Couplings


A new series of silicone insert couplings from Sterling Instrument features electrical isolation and no backlash. These metric couplings, identified as the S54HSAM... (clamp type) and S5PSAM... (set screw type) Series are stocked in 5 different bore sizes ranging from (6 mm to16 mm). These couplings have aluminum hubs with either set screws or clamps for fastening to shafts. The insert is silicone 40 ShA. Operating temperature ranges from -50° C to +150° C. They range in length from 26.5 mm to 57 mm. Their maximum speed is 5000 rpm.
They can be used in various applications and are especially able to accommodate tight or skewed connections. Quotes, online orders, available stock, and 3D CAD Model downloads are available at our new eStore at: SDP/SI offers over 1000 different types of couplings including inch and metric: magnetic, flexible, rigid, oldham, bellows, flexible shaft, spider type, Fairloc® shaft type, helical, slit-type, and neoprene flexible type couplings. 

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