Simple Drop System Automatically Delivers Inflated Packaging MaterialsTo Multiple Operators


Sealed Air Corporation’s Simple Drop System automatically delivers inflated cushions from any standard Fill-Air® inflatable packaging system to overhead bins where they can be accessed by multiple operators. Ideal for mid-volume users, this new, easy-to-use system offers a small footprint while keeping the inflation equipment on the ground. The operator simply feeds inflated cushions from the Fill-Air® system into the vertical feed module and cushions are conveyed to the overhead bins. The Simple Drop System then monitors the bins and automatically replenishes them when the supply of cushions runs low. The Simple Drop System can be customized to accommodate multiple packaging stations or on-line operations in order to supply one or more operators with inflated cushions. Operators take the cushions from the bin and place them into cartons for void fill. Since the inflation system remains located on the ground, operators can quickly and easily change the film supply roll. In addition, the location of the overhead bin maximizes available floor space in the packaging area.

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